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Casahana charcoal mooncake

9/28/2009 Matt Siow 0 Comments

6th days of my holiday ~

I hav update my created article in wikipedia, it had been a long time since it was edited. Plz view SKS and Seremban Forest Heights so feedback is important.

This weekend most of Chinese will celebrate the Mooncake festival. My previous of Burst of flavours already mention mostly about Tai Thong mooncakes. Kindly be reminded, their quality have deteriorated over time, so make smart choice this year.

As a result of the low quality, I recommend all of you out there to try Casahana or Hei Yue Thong and The Baker's Cottage mooncake.

From my analysis, this two brands are topmost in market. The reasons are simple; it is tasty and fresh.

Their new flavours include:

Charcoal Baked Yam
Charcoal Baked Yam is mixture of black skin with red bean paste and egg yolk made of yam. The taste is rich but I prefer yam filling in the core. Rating: 4.5 out 5

Bamboo charcoal hazelnut
Bamboo Charcoal Hazelnut has chocolate egg yolk with hazelnut blend as main filling. The skin is typically black as made of charcoal paste. It may has some bitter taste. Rating: 4.8 out 5

Golden baked lemon tea
Golden Baked Lemon Tea is one of my favourite this year. Strong smell and perfect combination; the filling is lotus seed and blend of lemon and ice tea in the middle. It will suit well with a glass of ice lemon tea. Rating: 4.8 out 5

Green Tea Yu Zhu

Red Yeast Japanese Sweet Potato
Red Yeast Japanese Sweet Potato is most natural flavour mooncake of all. The skin is made of yam purplish in colour and yam filling. You can taste the natural ingredients used in it. Rating: 4.5 out 5

Each flavour has their unique temptations. In overall, creativity and taste is A+ and health element is a priority.

Note: Baker's Cottage will follow up in the next post.

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