Media reception

11/05/2009 Matt Siow 0 Comments

In this days, newspapers are source of our news update besides Internet.

But do we actually know how the news appear on front page or very last. This is motive behind the move.

Well my tutor for Mass Communication, "Uncle Joe" who is big in size and funny. He opened up my mind on newspaper. They may be agenda setting, decide which news should be pay attention.

For example, most of the week newspaper focused about drowning cases occur at Kampar. Just simple the first incident which involve 294 students on 1Malaysia camp is a big issue.

And the second incident within a week, which involve 3 Utar students can be considered not a big issue. On The Star, a similar case at Bukit Mertajam occurred and was on Saturday front page.

As assume that they want to continue the drowning case in people attention.

The Star's newspaper = long winded story with use of adjectives to describe in detail

New Straits Times = story straight to point

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