Bunnies over in KL Malls

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Bunnies everywhere in Malls in celebration of CNY (The Star)

Saturday January 22, 2011

By Oh Ing Yeen
Photos by Low Lay Phon

RABBITS are hopping about the malls this Chinese New Year as it is the Year of the Rabbit.

Incorporating cute bunnies into their theme, many malls are decked with rabbit statues, motifs and some even have rabbits for visitors to see and play with.

While some malls are decorated with a splash of red, others are going for a pink scheme as Valentine’s Day also falls within the lunar new year season.

Say cheese!: Charlie Allen from Swanage, England, taking a photo of his wife Joyce next to one of the huge rabbit statues in front of Sungei Wang Plaza.

Sungei Wang Plaza

Five huge rabbit statues in pink, red, yellow, gold and orange are displayed along the Fiesta Street to welcome shoppers.

The theme is Springtime Expressions. The stage is transformed into a training ground of a wushu academy, with beautifully carved pillars, flags with Chinese characters and a Chinese-styled roof. The flags are akin to those at a wushu academy but with auspicious words on it instead. This is where the wushu performances by the Wushu Federation of Kuala Lumpur will take place,

Along the walkways, red lanterns are hung from frames ornamented with Chinese knots.

Berjaya Times Square

Be greeted by a pair of mystical lions guarding the vermillion entrance gate as you make your way past the classic-arched doorway into the courtyard along the pathway and admire the traditional Chinese architecture.

Themed “A Reunion of Tradition”, the main attraction is the gigantic dinner table at the Courtyard measuring 3m in diameter, showcasing 15 auspicious dishes often served during the lunar new year. Be marvelled at the realistic food replicas, displayed on two rotating tiers.

The railings are decorated with red cloth and majestic-looking lanterns hang from the ceiling.

Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid brings a sweet nostalgic touch of the 60s with a diversified street market consisting of pushcart and basket peddlers and kiosks selling porridge, yau char kwai, bubble tea, Chinese New Year hampers, decorations, cheongsam, samfu, food, titbits and gifts.

At the stage area, the 4.9m giant Chinese Opera heads are an eye-catching feature. One can also watch the various Chinese Opera performances such as Chinese Opera: Lady White Snake and Chinese Contemporary Dance: The Warlord and the Concubine.

The main highlight is the Fleurs’ Spring Flower Market where a variety of flowers and auspicious plants are available for sale.

Mid Valley Megamall

If you have yet to get your preparation started, make a visit to Mid Valley Megamall’s Chinese Spring Village from now until Feb 6.

The mall has transformed their ground floor into a Chinese Spring Village setting with replicas of traditional building. The whole setting is complimented with blooming cherry blossoms, red lanterns, craft galleries and rows of street vendors and carts offering Chinese New Year must-haves.

In the mood: Delicate paper cuttings, oriental lanterns and well-lit cherry blossom trees enhance the ambience of the Curve’s theme ‘The Joys of Spring’.

The Curve

Themed The Joys of Spring, this year’s Chinese New Year campaign celebrates the popular symbols of spring. Shoppers can look forward to seeing Chinese paper-cuttings throughout the mall incorporating the various Chinese zodiac signs as well as delicate oriental lanterns. The main highlight of these paper-cuttings is the zodiac sign of the Rabbit, which is known in Chinese culture as the wise and affectionate animal. Well-lit cherry blossom trees also add a delightful display of colours to enhance the celebrative ambience.

For more information, contact the Curve’s Customer Care Officers at 03-7710 6868.

1 Utama

Centred on the Chinese word “Hei”, which means double happiness, 1Utama has set an auspicious theme for the Chinese New Year celebrations from Jan 12 to Feb 6.

The shopping centre is dressed in cheery pink, pearl white and gold. Pastel lanterns line the walkways, while fresh flowers, chrysanthemums and peonies provide bursts of cheery bright colours. Have a feel of walking in the air as part of the flooring is decorated with Chinese-style clouds and the Chinese word ‘Hei’.

Tropicana City Mall

Chinese New Year is in full bloom at Tropicana City Mall, adorned with beautiful oriental motifs and peach blossoms around the mall. In line with its peach blossom theme and in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, a pink colour palette is chosen, for a fresh and sweet touch. A peach blossom arch greets shoppers at the entrance and cherry blossom lanterns are hung from the ceiling and along the walkway.

Go down memory lane: Take a walk along the Chinese Village in Cheras Leisure Mall for the nostalgia of the good old days.

Live bunnies are also on display. To usher in the Year of the Rabbit, a line-up of good fortune offerings and exciting events await all at the mall until Feb 20.

Cheras Leisure Mall

Take a walk along the Chinese Village in Cheras Leisure Mall for the nostalgia of the good old days. Six two-storey traditional shophouses are set up, where CNY cookies are sold. Banners with auspicious greetings hang from the ceilings. The link bridge at the mall is also decorated with cherry blossoms, providing many photo opportunities.

Bangsar Shopping Centre

Bangsar Shopping Centre incorporates elements of the Forbidden City and Wuzhen, an ancient water town in China.

The gazebo and bridge with Chinese elements further enhances the traditional Chinese ambience.

Walk further into the mall and you will see a rabbit section with 16 rabbits of the Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop and Dwarf Hotot breeds.

The exterior of the mall is decked in lanterns to liven up the festive spirit.


Tubby Prosperity Rabbits greet shoppers at the entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur with two 2.4m rabbits at the Bukit Bintang entrance and two 1.2m ones at the Porte Cochere entrance. There are 500 red lanterns throughout the mall and 188 hanging at Spanish Steps. The oriental lion head display by the Kiew brothers feature 12 lion heads and 11 drums display. The giant Lion Head is 10 times larger than average, measuring 2.1m high and 2.7m wide. The different coloured lion heads represent the different clans in Chinese history. In addition, there are peony arrangements throughout the mall.

Kids attraction: (from Left) Lola, Bugs Bunny, Tweety & Slyvester and their carrot house at The Mines.

Take a stroll down the Cherry Blossom Walk especially during the night to admire the decorations and lights.

The Mines

The Mines is bringing the evergreen international cartoon character — Bugs Bunny and his lovely Looney Tunes friends — Tweety and Sylvester in their stylish yet traditional Chinese New Year costumes to spread good luck and celebrate this festive season with shoppers. Themed as “A Prosperity Chinese New Year with Bugs Bunny”, the mall has been transformed into a marvel Bugs Bunny’s carrot house, with eye-catching red lanterns to complement the festive mood. The peak limelight of the decoration is none other than the gigantic carrots, a symbol of good fortune, prosperity and longevity in Chinese culture.

Fahrenheit 88

Red rabbits run amok in Fahrenheit 88. Placed within floral arrangements, the red rabbits are shown in various poses, providing shoppers many photo opportunities. Red and pink diamond-shaped lanterns adorned with tassels hung from the top.

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