Confirmed: Police fired tear gas into Tung Shin

10/04/2011 Matt Siow 0 Comments

After a spate of 3 months, finally Health Ministry releases the probe report. Now Malaysians know who is lying and making denial.

Probe confirms cops fired tear gas into Tung Shin, acted unethically (The Star)

KUALA LUMPUR: A Health Ministry probe has confirmed that police had acted unethically and breached standard operating procedures (SOP) when dispersing Bersih demonstrators at Tung Shin hospital on July 9.

Home Ministry chief secretary Mahmood Adam said in a statement Tuesday that the police personnel involved would be referred to the police disciplinary committee.

“The investigation concluded that there was unethical action which went beyond the SOP of the Royal Malaysian Police when they acted against rally demonstrators who were wrongly using the hospital premise,” said Mahmood.

The report released by the Health Ministry on Tuesday, among others, said:

a. Police used water cannons at demonstrators gathered at a multi-level parking area and at the main entrance of the Tung Shin hospital.

b. Police shot tear gas in the direction of Waz Lian at demonstrators gathered at a public car park outside the hospital premises. But the allegation that tear gas was shot into the hospital premises in not true.

c. Police lobbed smoke bombs' at demonstrators gathered at the parking lot of the Chinese Maternity Hospital, which is administratively separate from Tung Shin. In fact, the Chinese Maternity hospital had ceased operations from Sept 2006 for major renovations and is scheduled to start operating again only in December.

"As a result of this report, the Home Ministry will refer the list of police personnel involved to the Police Disciplinary Committee for consideration and further action.

"This shows that the Home Ministry takes work ethics seriously and will not compromise on taking disciplinary action on those who are found to have violated work guidelines," Mahmood said.

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