University life

6/01/2009 Matt Siow 0 Comments

If you do not know, I'm now in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Perak campus) which is 1300 acres.

I'm here for my second week, but still miss home a lot, (home sickness). Just attended first class today. Lot more to say, be patient.

This morning have 8 am class for Computer Studies, a bit nervous day before it. Then at 2 pm hot day have Public Speaking & Communication.

Lucky enough this week only have lecture class and no tutorial, so tomolo no class .

Nervous, blur were the feeling I have this morning (hope to end soon). But now enjoying surf the web and blogging.

Quite scary to have presentation and course work to be done in next 14 week of study. And my aim to obtain CGPA of 3.8 by end of sem

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