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Ya, if you all noticed my tagboard now is full of ads (two only). This because I want to earn money by placing ads on my blog, I found an article in The Star yesterday about this, so wanna try it out.

This is very true that blogging is new culture to youths especially in the world included Malaysia. the y-generation is getting better in all aspects (most in tech n crime).

My hightlight story is about the Penang High Charparral or better known as Kampung Buah Pala that have threatened to send a letter to the United Nations for George Town’s Unesco World Heritage Site status to be revoked should the state government fail to help them with their land problems.

What a nonsense they did, right.

The land is sold to developer by Barisan Nasional gov and not by Pakatan Rakyat gov. So they should put blame on the correct party, futhermore is not that DAP-led state gov do not want to help them but now is in legal process as it has been filed in Court.

How you expect them to interfere Count's decision. They suggest gov to spend money to buy back the land, are you nuts??

All Penangite will disagree as it involve large amount of money in this tough economic condition except Federal gov pay the price.

They all get compensation from developer but just don't want to move, what a greedy Indian community.

Revelant info will be posted short while.

To be continue~

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