Sushi buffet

7/31/2009 Matt Siow 0 Comments

Jogoya is actually a Taiwan based company, having a number of branches in it’s country of origin, a very successful and recognisable name there.

Located at the posh Starhill Gallery

Huge selection of choices

Japanese seafood, sashimi and tempura
Fried seafood and some awesome soup

Dessert and drinks

At last I did my English presentation today (yesterday), summed it up not very 'char' and not very good. The lecturer said she is confused as I had no expressions (stunned) but good pronunciation.

Now can relaxed for a while, later will have to present talk show and Economics.

As for your info, now I update my blog thrice a week on alternate days, if any changes shall be announced.

In past few days noticed that number cases of H1N1 is increasing rapidly and no. of local cases is higher than imported. Total death: 4 persons as at Wed 29 July.

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