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Baker's Cottage mooncake

9/28/2009 Matt Siow 0 Comments

Green Tea & Red Bean Series

1. Red Bean
2. Green Tea (Green Tea Butter Pastry Skin)
3. Green Tea Red Bean(Green Tea Butter Pastry Skin)

Pandan Lotus Series

1. Pandan Lotus

2. Pearl of Prosperity
3. Pandan Pumpkin

4. Pandan Lotus 1 Yolk

All Time Favorites

1. XO Supreme Mixed Nuts

2. Mixed Nuts
3. Tiramisu (Cantonese Coffee Pastry Skin)

4. Pearl of Harmony

2008 Best Sellers

1. No Sugar Added White Lotus
2. Toffee Chocolate Walnut Brownie
3. Low Sugar Yam Gingko
4. Green Tea Berries

Pure Lotus & White Lotus Series

1. Shanghai Pure Lotus 1 Yolk
2. Pure Lotus 2 Yolk
3. Pure Lotus 1 Yolk
4. Pure Lotus
5. Low Sugar White Lotus 1 Yolk
6. Low Sugar White Lotus

First In Town 2009

Precious Black which features charcoal powder butter pastry skin with wolfberries are all sold out. Their mooncake is selling like hot cakes, why don't give a try of other brands (Casahana). Price of a piece maybe costly but major hypermarkets are slashing their price for last week.

Arguably I'm in good mood when post about mooncake over here, but now left in despair. I will be in line with everyone for the best and quality post.

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