A Christmas Carol

11/28/2009 Matt Siow 0 Comments

The title of movie I watched with cousin and family,A Christmas Carol at MBO Cinema, Terminal 2 Seremban.

Our ticket was 11.45 a.m since yesterday seat is not available. By the way really idiot old man drove me siao.

You know the Petronas station at Lobak, that old man memang bodoh babi. The babi stands there doing nothing andwhen pump always "takk", he say my car got problem (old).

What you mean, you are insulting me and car. Sah he become a petrol pump man forever at his old age (cursed him). I want to pump water inside his f l i r t y mouth.

Later on, we went to MBO and 1st time been there. Sum it up, the cinema is new and elegant, and not forget it black out midway during movie.

The movie has good story line and enjoy it.

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