PTPTN signing agreement

8/24/2010 Matt Siow 0 Comments

Yesterday is the briefing and signing agreement session for all successful applicants.

I have to say it is a whole day for me.

The moment I get my turn to summit the documents to officer, my nightmare started. One my document: Surat Tawaran had problem, thus I have to walk from Block A to H for a replacement.

The time is about 10 minutes to 5 pm, I need to move fast to have everything done.

But I managed to summit all with spare of about 10 applicants still waiting. Since it is about time to end, the officer starts to chat and he don't really check properly.

There are about 11 officers to the university, the morning queue is relatively slow. After the puasa break, they make it express. Besides that, one of women officer was having mood swing, maybe her monthly friend visited her.

She scolded the students: "Mana tarikh kamu!!, Kenapa tak susun ni". And those beside her also seemed to scare by her and not to interrupt her. Mostly the officers are women.

The guy beside me when he summit to a young women officer, I and her have a laugh. In one of document, there is a column for parents relationship, he wrote Ibu dan anak, instead of Ibu Kandung.

Getting this loan does not mean you can spend it for others and repayment is a must. I noticed some of the students said they will only repay RM100 per month, why should I paid full around RM350? Others complaining why the process is so troublesome.

Today session, they go for nombor giliran, just waiting to call. While yesterday we have to sit at chairs moving row by row and can't really slip to toilet even.

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