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1/06/2011 Matt Siow 3 Comments

Our capital city, Kuala Lumpur will be boosted with a new tourist attraction with the launch of Kuala Lumpur City Walk, a new tourist hub for Malaysian food and products, is expected to open as soon as next month, after 13 years in the making (never realise that long).

The 450-metre sidewalk is located along a small strip of land that links Jalan P. Ramlee to the connecting road between Jalan Pinang and Jalan Perak. It is surrounded by high-rise office and residential buildings.

There were 50 retail kiosks along the walk and each was between 100 and 300 sq ft in size.

Deputy Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk M. Saravanan visited the walk recently to check the area in place. He also expressed hope that the project is comparable to Bintang Walk which is most happening spots in city

What to check out:
The walk, which featured three themes — Heritage, Contemporary and Future, and would operate from 6am to 3am daily.

There will be selling assortment of local products, souvenir and handicrafts.

> Emporium Grand Cafe The Lounge
Named for its keen attention to detail create an ambience that is influenced by the name and is one of the finest venues that Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

This Lounge and "supper club" idyllic setting for those in search of distinction and quality unsurpassed. Unwind in the extensive lounge with a live Jazz Band in the background and Embracing The Urbanite with cacophony of the Mediterranean crossing all frontiers with taste and verve to match and accompanied by the finest collection of wines and luscious culinary.

In pictures:

Looking for this place, here the map:

Note: This is the first posts of the year, so I keep it short and light for everyone.

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  1. Wow, will sure pay there a visit once it's officially open!

  2. Cool! I also didn't that there is something like that in Malaysia till recently I read the newspaper.

  3. Yeah, it will open its door soon. So stay tuned for the opening!